The Management team

The Management team

The Management team are an essential part of the patient-centered care model. Their role is crucial in ensuring that the clinical members can focus on providing direct patient care while they manage the administrative and operational aspects of the network. With their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality care, the staff team is an integral part of providing comprehensive and coordinated care to the community.

Piers Grace Chief Executive Director

“I was appointed as the CEO of Ealing GP Federation in 2014, shortly after the formation of the company. I have led the organisation’s operational services from its establishment, initially focused on the Out of Hospitals Services Contract, then through the introduction of the Ealing Standard. In recent years the focus of the Federation’s activity has switched to supporting the delivery of the PCN DES via our Service Level Agreement. I was also responsible for the overall leadership of the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme and led on the Federation’s management role in the Escalated Care Centre for patients with suspected Covid-19.

I am responsible for the overall output of the Federation and manage a team of managerial and support staff. I am also Chair of the North West London Federations Board.”

Sushil Njovana Project Delivery Manager

“I have been working for the National Health Service since 2003. Since December 2022. I have been working as the Project delivery manager for the Ealing GP Federation. I am responsible for ensuring that projects are effectively delivered throughout our Primary Care Networks in Ealing. To achieve this, I establish and maintain close working relationships with stakeholders including practices, PCNs, Integrated Care Board (ICB) and public health officials.”

Jon Ord Network Account Manager & ARRS Programme Officer NWL Training Hub

“I work in supporting North Southall PCN in their Network Account Manager capacity on a part time basis. Previous to my joining within the Federation I worked for 20 years within Boots Pharmacy in various roles – I spent 10 years as a store manager and was also a qualified NVQ2 dispenser.

I have a great deal of experience in working with and training of pharmacists, dispensers and pharmacy technicians within a community pharmacy setting. Alongside supporting my PCN within the Federation I also support around pharmacist recruitment and provide HR support where needed.

I also am seconded out part time to the NW London training hub where I work as the ARRS Programme Officer.”

Angela Wilson Network Account Manager

“Brings + 20 years of experience working across a variety of NHS organisations from General Practice, PCT and CCGs in Primary Care commissioning, Service Development and Provision. Angela is one of the Network Account Managers and supports South Southall and NGP PCNs. She also lead the NIHR research project for the Federation.”

Elizabeth Momoh Network Account Manager

“As a seasoned public health professional, My career trajectory in the NHS spans over seven years, during which I have delved into both clinical and non-clinical roles. Most recently, I have taken on the responsibilities of a Network Account Manager for the Ealing GP Federation, offering management and support to two PCNs. My role is dynamic and constantly evolving, catering to the changing needs of the PCNs. I’m always ready to take on new challenges and push boundaries in the healthcare sector.”

Kiran Dale Senior Admin & HR Manager

“With a wealth of experience in multi-functional roles, I have worked for the Federation for the last 7 years supporting the CEO, Board, Senior Operations and Network Account Managers. As HR Manager my role includes providing support to operational activities including developing, implementing policies and line management of staff.  In addition, provide support with numerous projects and initiatives including L&D and recruitment.”

Donna Barcessat  Administrator 

“20 years Administrative experience via a number of different roles, including Operations and Office Manager. Skills include working in a HR capacity as well as Policies, processes and people management and supports the Senior Admin & HR Manager within the Federation in this capacity.”

Michelle Cook Primary Care Research Facilitator

“I am a primary care research facilitator. I work across all PCNs to promote and support practices with the implementation of research studies sent by the National Institute of Health and Research.”